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Garage Door Opener Repair Services - Kansas City, MO

Garage Door Opener Repair Services - Kansas City, MO

Your garage door is on the list of the largest moving objects in your home. The door has so much force that it can cause harm if not installed properly. Garage door opener repair in Kansas City is carried out by highly trained technicians who make your safety their priority.

They have experience in garage door opener repair and installations. They do all types of door openers, from the chain driven to belt driven systems. In case you are looking for the right opener to buy, they provide the best that will fit your garage door.

A garage door has many components. They actually have around 300 moving parts. A failure in either of these parts would damage your garage door opener. It would be very bad if the garage door refused to open with your car inside. Proper garage door maintenance and regular inspection of the garage door opener is very important so as to avoid that kind of situation.

Kansas City Home Garage Doors offers installation services in Kansas City that can tune up your garage door annually. This tune up service includes

  • Tightening all the bolts and screws
  • Lubricating the garage door panels, springs and rollers
  • Checking the down force of the door
  • Aligning the electronic eyes for the garage door opener

If you find that your garage door opener is not working, you should first make sure that there is power. This is because most door openers are electric. The opener cannot work if there is no power.

If you find that there is power then here are a few things you can check

1. The remote: This applies to remote controlled garage door openers. Check batteries and the battery contacts. They may be spoilt.

2. The eyes: The remote has electronic eyes. The plastic that makes the eyes may be scratched. Try and polish it with a special plastic polishing material.

3. Reboot the system: The remote controls and receivers are small computers. Do a reboot on the system. This is done by removing the batteries for a few seconds and then putting them back.

4. Check the springs: This is a very important factor. The type of springs the door has will determine whether you can do it yourself or need to call a professional. The standard extension spring is easy to handle but it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s guide. The torsion spring is very difficult. It has high tension and it is very dangerous. Call the technicians that do garage door repair, installations and maintenance services to do the garage door opener repair.

The technicians of Kansas City Home Garage Doors can handle all types of problems related to garage door openers. You can call them when

  • The remote or wall button does not respond
  • The door is opening halfway
  • The door is opening but cannot close
  • The door is opening or closing without a command
  • The door opens instead of closes

The professionals that do Garage door opener repair in Kansas City are well trained. They are keen on customer satisfaction. We offer round-the-clock services, excellent safe repairs and installations and our response is on the same day. Call, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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