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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Accessories – Kansas City, MO

Wood Garage Door Collection

The greatest advantages of installing Wayne Dalton Wood Garage Door:

  • They are naturally beautiful.
  • These have the highest degree of craftsmanship.
  • These doors look classy.
  • Tailor-made designs available for these wood garage doors that look suitable to the architectural style of your home.

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7400 Series

  • Wayne Dalton's Model 7400 doors available in 6 distinctive patterns.
  • Represent the eclectic craftsmanship.
  • These flush doors get the carriage style door look with the trim overlay.
  • Choose your own door according to your specific and accurate requirements.
7400 Series

7100 Series

  • The Wayne Dalton 7100 models are the blend of the comfort of standard sectional garage door with the classic swing-open looks
  • These carry the carriage house wood doors in the faultless manner.
  • The 7100 models have the realistic style and rail construction on a hemlock frame.
  • This model has the highest quality features
7100 Series

7000 Series

  • Wayne Dalton's premium wood doors are elegant with the swing-open carriage-house style wood doors.
  • The operation of modern sectional doors is effortless.
  • Every single custom wood door can be manufactured on the basis of the precise and particular requirements
  • 7000 series Wood Garage Doors are good-looking and carry a simple trim package on the flush door surfaces.
  • These doors have two-sided smooth door parts on a tough hemlock frame with an insulated core.
  • The Wood Garage Door Models 7000 through 7003 are created with the hardboard interior and exterior.
  • These models also show a flexible upgrade to plywood for the exterior parts.
  • The Wood Garage Door Model 7004 also come with an even plywood interior and a 5/8″ T1-11 grooved plywood exterior.
7000 Series

300 Series

  • This series make your property look mighty and rich.
  • These classic doors have the opulent detailing of fine cabinetry.
300 Series

100 Series

  • For the premium quality and good looks of your home, this is the best choice.
  • A Colonial wood panel door is spectacular for the longest time possible.
  • These doors are manufactured in a manner that makes the door operation easier and convenient.
  • These are also toughly built that makes the colonial doors pocket-friendly and beautiful.
  • For years, these wood garage doors have reliable styling and rich quality of the doors.
  • With these robust and hard-wearing doors, your property gets a dramatic transformation.
100 Series

40 Series

  • Quality is the main element in these wood garage doors in the 40 series.
  • These are made from kiln-dried western woods with polystyrene insulation core.
  • These double flush style doors match with the wide array of architectural home designs.
  • Our flush style wood doors look after both, modern and traditional exteriors.
  • It is possible with the whole range of styles, windows and accents.
  • This series is also famous for excellent craftsmanship and materials.
40 Series

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Model 9800

  • Series designed with an exceptionally molded wood-grain fiberglass surface covering strong steel construction.
  • Manufactured with the Therma-Tru®'s AccuGrain Technology, fiberglass is the best pick that comes with flawless cordiality and magic of wood.
  • This also demands much lesser maintenance.
Fiberglass Garage Doors

Model 9700

  • With this, you pick the ULTIMATE PROTECTION.
  • With a bigger insulation R-value of 13.35 or 19.40 and a triple-layer construction, these models are durable and low-maintenance doors.
  • These are also popular for their energy efficiency and quiet operation.
Fiberglass Garage Doors

Model 9400

  • Wayne Dalton's sectional steel garage door Model 9400 represent the resistant door panels.
  • It also brings in the whole array of carriage house design options that are customized depending on the color to suit your home's exterior.
  • These doors are strong, energy efficient and low maintenance.
Model 9400

Model 6600

  • These models are created with the polyurethane foam insulation, two layers of steel, and DecaTrim™ II overlays.
  • The Model 6600 is robust, dependable, and long lasting.
  • It adds that extra dash of elegant appeal to your property.
  • You can easily select a garage door that suits your home with 16 different carriage house designs.
Model 6600

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection

Model 8800

  • For a full-view garage door to enrich the modern look of your home, this is the best pick.
  • This is also suitable to boost your property's glass expanses and patios.
  • These doors also blend the indoor and outdoor spaces quite well.
  • The Model 8800 offers you the wide range of glass pane options with the aluminum frames.
  • These frames are easily available in both, the anodized finishes and powder coat paint.
Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection

Model 8850

  • To style your home with a modern manner, Wayne Dalton's full-view garage doors is the best option.
  • To make your home look clean and modern, these doors are specially designed.
  • Along with enriching your home's glass expanses and patios, these models also club the indoor and outdoor spaced readily.
  • The Model 8850 offers an array of glass pane options with the aluminum frames that come in powder coat paint and anodized finishes.
Model 8850

Classic Steel Garage Door Collection

Model 9100 & 9600

  • These models come in a wide range of pinch resistant door panels.
  • Besides being preferred for power efficiency, toughness, and aesthetic design; this steel garage door models also have polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation.
  • The Model 9100 is designed with a steel-polyurethane "Toughguard" backer.
  • This has an R-value* of 9, and the Model 9600 door has an R-value of 11.
  • This model also offers both - outstanding shielding ability and energy efficiency.
Classic Steel Garage Door Collection

Model 8300 & 8500

  • The Classic Steel Garage Door Model 8300 has an unexpected R-value* of 12.12 using polyurethane foamed-in-place.
  • The Model 8500 is Wayne Dalton's topmost insulated residential garage door.
  • It is also featured with a remarkable R-value of 16.22 using polyurethane foamed-in-place.
  • Heavy-gauge steel is wrapped around end caps trim-out door work to boost the exterior appearance, strength and damage-security of the insulation.
  • Plus, the two-coat and baked-on polyester finish makes it maintenance-free.
Model 8300 & 8500

Model 8000, 8100 & 8200

  • Models 8000, 8100, and 8200 are Wayne Dalton's most basic level steel garage doors.
  • The Model 8000 is an uninsulated, single steel sheet door.
  • The Models 8100 and 8200 are insulated with polystyrene insulation.
  • The 8200 has an R-value* of 7.4, the 8100 has an R-value of 3.7.
  • The printed panel designs and decorative windows add to the attraction of your property.
  • In coastal areas or the high wind regions, you must go for the Models 8000 and 8100 that are available with the wind load strengthening.
Model 8000, 8100 & 8200

Model 8024-8124 PO

  • Wayne Dalton's Model 8024 and 8124 doors are a dependable option for homeowners.
  • We are mainly famous for two major factors – cost-effectiveness and value.
  • To make the Wayne Dalton garage doors prices more pocket-friendly, you can also use the Wayne Dalton garage door coupons that get you special discounts on the products round the year.
  • Marked with the 24-gauge, garage door panels are popularly known for the attractive look of wood with the power of steel.
  • A two-coat, baked-on polyester finish makes it maintenance-free.
  • The 8124 model also represents the expanded polystyrene insulation.
  • These door types can easily be found on the West Coast.
Model 8024-8124 PO

Vinyl Garage Doors

Model 8700

  • The Model 8700 is made with vinyl and created for maintenance-free performance.
  • The appealing look given to your property will be long lasting.
  • These vinyl garage doors won't rust, fade, crack, or dent so easily.
  • For bother-free choices, this is an unbeatable choice on the market.
  • The vinyl garage door model 8700 is an unfailing selection for homeowners in the coastal regions as it is resistant to the sand, salt, and air.
Vinyl Garage Doors

Our Services

In addition to the above-mentioned Wayne Dalton garage door accessories such as Wayne Dalton garage door opener model 3btm 0372 c, we also look after the garage door repair service requests. To mention a few, the services can range from adjusting Wayne Dalton garage door and installing a Wayne Dalton garage door to Wayne Dalton garage door keypad programming, Wayne Dalton garage door opener programming, or any other primary need, for example, Wayne Dalton Garage Door Installation, Wayne Dalton Garage Door Repair, Wayne Dalton garage door adjustment, Wayne Dalton Garage Door Maintenance, and much more.

To get any of these doors installed at your place, call the best Wayne Dalton garage door dealers in your town.

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